Reading Group on Theories of Matter

~ Winter Semester 2019 ~

Scattered Matter:
Atoms and Reality According to Nicholas of Autrecourt


Is reality a continuous dimension or a cluster of discrete entities? And what is reality, if such a question can be even asked? This semester’s reading group on matter will engage with these key philosophical questions in relation to a very particular medieval author, Nicholas of Autrecourt (1299-1369). The group will meet once a week on Friday at 11am (cum tempore) to read and discuss together Nicholas of Autrecourt’s Universal Treatise (Exigit Ordo).

The reading group will be in English. At 2.30pm, the group will gather again for an additional meeting in which invited international scholars will give lectures on topics related to the problems discussed during the reading group.

First meeting: 18 October 2019 at 11.00 (Invalidenstr. 110, R231).

This is an open reading group. If you are interested on the topic and would like to join us (also via Skype), feel free to get in touch at