Potestas Essendi

Welcome to potestas essendi. If you wanted to know more about philosophical intricacies concerning nature and its fading hylomorphic roots as they were envisioned by medieval thinkers and practitioners, this is the right website.

You will find here contents of different nature and scope, following the development of my research interests over time. Most of it is related to the tension between metaphysics and physics in the Middle Ages. This is a reflection of my research on how a structural tension between the metaphysical notion of prime matter and the physical concept of matter as materiality marked the evolution of philosophy (and indirectly science) throughout the Middle Ages and the beginning of Early Modernity.

Feel free to get in touch about any topic related to my research – I will be delighted to answer your questions, although I cannot promise that I won’t add more questions and doubts to those you already have. After all, isn’t philosophy an analysis of what seems to be simple, but is only assumed to be so, and a synthesis of what seems to be complex, but maybe can be reduced to simplicity?

Nicola Polloni