GPHNP: Our new book series

It is with immense delight that I can finally share the news with you: our proposal for a new book series on global natural philosophy has been formally approved by Routledge! The project has been on the making for some time and now, well, it’s official! The series is titled Global Perspectives on the History of Natural Philosophy and the three series editors are Yael Kedar, Cecilia Panti, and myself (a very effective trio, as it has been repeatedly proved). GPHNP’s editorial committee includes some of the best scholars in the field. Together, we will boldly go where no books series has gone before: to explore the intertwining of philosophy and nature, metaphysics and physics, theories and practices with an open, global, all-encompassing, and non-Eurocentric approach. More info on the way.

Fostering a new approach to the study of the history of natural philosophy this series aims to expand the discussion on natural philosophy cross-culturally and comparatively by focusing on the philosophical reasoning about nature developed particularly, but not exclusively, in three main cultural settings: Europe, the Middle East, and China. One of the main focal points of Global Perspectives on the History of Natural Philosophy is the interplay between philosophical and scientific concepts, stances, and problems arising from the premodern consideration of nature, broadly considered. Accordingly, the series provides a cutting-edge framework in which natural philosophy can be considered from new philosophically meaningful angles. Acknowledging the historical interweaving of philosophy and science of nature, the series publishes monographs and edited volumes dealing with the history of natural philosophy from three methodological perspectives: philosophical analysis, historical reconstruction, and comparative studies. Submitted manuscripts may either examine authors and issues from a specific philosophical tradition or engage comparatively with patterns and problems shared by different cultural settings.

Publisher: Routledge

Series editors: Yael Kedar (Tel Hai College), Cecilia Panti (University of Rome “Tor Vergata”), and Nicola Polloni (KU Leuven)

Editorial committee: Veronique Decaix (University of Paris), Shixiang Jin (University of Science and Technology of Beijing), Andreas Lammer (Radboud University), Matteo Martelli (University of Bologna), Cecilia Trifogli (University of Oxford), Linwei Wang (Wuhan University).