Mapping the Journey

Conference in Corfu… and a trip to Greece

I have been invited to give a talk to an intriguing conference in a most beautiful place: Corfu, Greece. This has given me the special opportunity to get in touch with Greek colleagues and be enriched by their perspectives on ancient and medieval science and one feature in particular: how rhetoric impacted on the scientific discourse. The organisers, Kostas Stefou and Athanasios Efstathiou, have been the perfect hosts. I have indulged in the many culinary, artistic, and historical pleasures of this unique island. And something more…

Indeed, if you have to go to Greece, well, why not staying a bit longer and go looking for Aristotle? That’s what I thought. So, I flew from Berlin to Thessaloniki and went to Stagira. Then, having to go to Corfu from Thessaloniki, the Meteora were so close that it would have been a pity not to visit them. In the end, it has been a splendid Aristotelian trip that I shall never forget!

Worth Mentioning This

La Fisica di Aristotele nel Medioevo

What’s better than a symposium on Aristotle’s Physics in the Middle Ages? Well, that it will take place in Rome! And I will give a talk there, finally going back to the Eternal City. Jokes aside, this symposium organised by gorgeous Cecilia Panti is going to be uniquely amazing. (And what a fantastic poster!)

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