The ‘Elusive Substrate’ Series

The Elusive Substrate: Event Teaser

Lucretian Substrates (Daryn Lehoux)

‘Materia’ in Cicero’s Philosophical Writings (John Wynne)

Mix It Up: Galen on Elements, Qualities, Matter and His Predecessors (Peter N. Singer)

Successors of Aristotle’s Stripping Away Argument in the IV Century (Anna Marmodoro)

Calcidius on Matter, a Minimal Dualism (Gretchen Reydams-Schils)

Matter as Positive Being: Some Remarks on Augustinian Matter (Enrico Moro)

Two Different Approaches to Prime Matter at Chartres (Clelia Crialesi)

Universal Hylomorphism and Material Ideas? Gilbert of Poitiers on Matter (Magdalena Bieniak)

The Theory of Elements at the Interface of Arabic and Latin in the 12th Century (Charles Burnett)

Al-Kindi on Body, Three-Dimensionality, and Matter (Emma Gannagé)

Avicenna and Avicenna Latinus on Prime Matter (Andreas Lammer)

Kilwardby, Rufus and Grosseteste on the Infinite Replication of Prime Matter (Neil Lewis)

Roger Bacon on Matters, Potencies, and Change (Nicola Polloni)

Matter as Pure Potentiality in Aquinas (Jeffrey Brower)

Making Sense of Aquinas: Auriol on Prime Matter, Pure Potency, and Existence (Russell Friedman)

Thomas Wylton on Matter and Quantity (Cecilia Trifogli)

John Wyclif on Prime Matter (Aurélien Robert)

Leone Ebreo on Prime Matter (Salvatore Carannante)

Pomponazzi on Matter, Quantity, and Rarefaction (Han Thomas Adriaenssen)

Francis Bacon on Matter (Silvia Manzo)

An Investigation Into the Material Composition of the World: Vagnone’s Kongji gezhi (Anna Strob)

South American Accounts on Prime Matter, Form, and the Principles of Change (Roberto Pich)