January to April 2020: Visiting the Faculty of Philosophy at Oxford.

23 January 2020: Talk “Dominicus Gundissalinus and the Reception of Arabic Philosophy in the 13th Century” with Alexander Fidora at the conference The Intercultural Roots Early Scholasticism: Greek, Hebrew, Arabic, Latin in London.

23 January 2020: Launch of the “Dominicus Gundissalinus Website” (http://pagines.uab.cat/gundisalvi/)


7 February 2020: Meeting of the Editorial Committee of Revista Española de Filosofía Medieval in Porto.

8 February 2020: Talk “Matter, Apprehension, and Metaphysics: Prejudices in Favour of the Actual?” at the conference De intellectu. Greek, Arabic, Latin, and Hebrew Texts and Their Influence on Medieval Philosophy. A Tribute to Rafael Ramón Guerrero in Porto.

28 February 2020: Prime Matter Workshop I at HU Berlin: The Ontological Stakes of Physical Endurance (https://potestas-essendi.com/the-ontological-stakes-of-physical-endurance/).


Sometime in March: The Twelfth-Century Renewal of Latin Metaphysics: Gundissalinus’s Ontology of Matter and Form (Toronto: PIMS) is published and available (finally!).


17 April 2020: The reading group of Samuel Alexander’s Space, Time, and Deity starts at HU Berlin.

24 April 2020: First meeting of the Medieval Philosophical Gatherings of Summer semester 2020.


13 May 2020: Bob Pasnau’s lecture at the MPIWG

14 May 2020: Prime Matter Workshop II at HU Berlin.

27 May 2020: Neil Lewis’s seminar on Richard Rufus at HU Berlin.

29-31 May 2020: Conference 13th Century English Franciscan Thought in London.


8-9 June 2020: Experience & Translation conference at MPIWG.

11-13 June 2020: AAIWG conference in London.

23-26 June 2020: HOPOS meeting in Singapore – my talk: “Neither one, nor many – or both. Matter, Enmattered Bodies, and the Limits of Natural Philosophy.”


17 July 2020: last meeting of the reading group.

17 July 2020: last meeting of the Medieval Philosophical Gatherings.


31 August to 3 September: ESHS meeting in Bologna.


7-9 September 2020: VIII Congreso Internacional de Filosofía Medieval de SOFIME De cognitione in Porto.