January to April 2020: Visiting stay at the Faculty of Philosophy at Oxford.

23 January 2020: Talk “Dominicus Gundissalinus and the Reception of Arabic Philosophy in the 13th Century” with Alexander Fidora at the conference The Intercultural Roots Early Scholasticism: Greek, Hebrew, Arabic, Latin in London.

23 January 2020: Launch of the “Dominicus Gundissalinus Website” (http://pagines.uab.cat/gundisalvi/)


7 February 2020: Meeting of the Editorial Committee of Revista Española de Filosofía Medieval in Porto.

8 February 2020: Talk “Matter, Apprehension, and Metaphysics: Prejudices in Favour of the Actual?” at the conference De intellectu. Greek, Arabic, Latin, and Hebrew Texts and Their Influence on Medieval Philosophy. A Tribute to Rafael Ramón Guerrero in Porto.

12 February 2020: Research meeting of The Extensions Project in Oxford.

28 February 2020: Prime Matter Workshop I at HU Berlin: The Ontological Stakes of Physical Endurance (https://potestas-essendi.com/the-ontological-stakes-of-physical-endurance/).


12 March 2020: The Twelfth-Century Renewal of Latin Metaphysics: Gundissalinus’s Ontology of Matter and Form (Toronto: PIMS) is released!!


1 April 2020: The research reading group of Samuel Alexander’s Time, Space, and Deity begins.

17 April 2020: The reading group of Robert Boyle, A Free Enquiry into the Vulgarly Received Notion of Nature starts at HU Berlin.
UPDATE: due to the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak, the reading group has been cancelled.

24 April 2020: First meeting of the Medieval Philosophical Gatherings of Summer semester 2020.
UPDATE: The Medieval Philosophical Gatherings have been cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak.


1 May 2020: RBRS reading group of Roger Bacon’s Compendium studii philosophiae starts on Zoom (link)

13 May 2020: Bob Pasnau’s lecture at the MPIWG
UPDATE: The event has been cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak.

14 May 2020: Prime Matter Workshop II at HU Berlin: The Metaphysical Foundation of Reality.
UPDATE: The event has been cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak.

27 May 2020: Neil Lewis’s seminar on Richard Rufus at HU Berlin.
UPDATE: The event will be rescheduled due to the coronavirus outbreak.

29 May 2020: Launch of the Roger Bacon Research Society and First RBRS Annual Lecture (by Jeremiah Hackett) at the Warburg Institute in London.
UPDATE: The event has been postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak.

29-31 May 2020: Conference 13th Century English Franciscan Thought in London.
UPDATE: The conference has been cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak.


3-5 June 2020: Conference “Surveying the summae: Comparisons and Contrasts among Avicenna‘s Eight Main Works” at Trier University.

8-9 June 2020: Premodern Experience of the Natural World in Translation conference at MPIWG.
UPDATE: Conference postponed to January 2021 due to the coronavirus outbreak.

11-13 June 2020: AAIWG conference in London.
UPDATE: The event has been postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak.

23-26 June 2020: HOPOS meeting in Singapore – my talk: “Neither one, nor many – or both. Matter, Enmattered Bodies, and the Limits of Natural Philosophy.”
UPDATE: Congress postponed (probably to 2021) for the same reason as above. Just so sad…

25 June 2020: Roundtable discussion “Matter: First and Final” with Neil Lewis and Rega Wood at Robert Pasnau’s Virtual Colloquium (link).


24 July 2020: Talk at virtual conference 13th Century English Franciscans (first session), organised by Lydia Schumacher (link). Title: “Roger Bacon on the Conceivability of Matter”


31 August to 3 September: ESHS meeting in Bologna – my talk: “Enduring Change: Epistemic Justifications of Prime Matter in Medieval Natural Philosophy.”


7-9 September 2020: VIII Congreso Internacional de Filosofía Medieval de SOFIME De cognitione in Porto.
UPDATE: Congress postponed to September 2021.




11 January 2019: First meeting in the new year of the matter reading group “(Re)Shaping the Tradition: Narratives of Matter in Calcidius and Ibn Gabirol”.

19 January 2019: Research meeting of the Extension Project in Berlin.

24 January 2019: Conference Filosofia naturale, filosofia morale e teologia in Ruggero Bacone at the University of Pavia.

29 January 2019: Conference Trespassing Walls. Jews, Christians and Muslims around Their Texts and Traditions. Universidad de Córdoba, Cordoba (ES), 29 January 2019. My talk with Pedro Mantas is titled “Inside Marc of Toledo’s Approach to Ibn Tûmart and His Philosophical and Theological Doctrines”


15 February 2019: Last meeting of the matter reading group.


4 March 2019: OxNet seminar in Sunderland: “Translations and Natural Philosophy in the Middle Ages”

5 March 2019: My lecture at Durham University: “Looking into the Unknowable: Premodern Conundrums of Prime Matter”

28-29 March 2019: Conference Mapping the Rhetoric of Science Writing in Antiquity and Beyond at the Ionian University of Corfu (GR). My talk: “Premodern Translations into Latin: Rhetorical Strategies and Historical Reconstructions”


3 April 2019: Conference La Fisica di Aristotele nel Medioevo. Parigi e Oxford (1210-1270). Università di Roma “Tor Vergata”. My talk: “Le questioni sulla Fisica di Ruggero Bacone: il problema della materia”

8 April 2019: The course Mobilizing Knowledge in Translation starts at TU Berlin.

12 April 2019: The reading group Structures of Materiality: 
Roger Bacon and the Conundrum of Prime Matter
starts at HU Berlin.

26 April 2019: First Medieval Philosophical Gathering hosting Lydia Schumacher.


3 May 2019: Second Medieval Philosophical Gathering hosting Yael Kedar.

10 May 2019: Third Medieval Philosophical Gathering hosting David Cory.

14-16 May 2019: Ordered Universe Symposium in Lincoln.

17 May 2019: Fourth Medieval Philosophical Gathering hosting Thomas Harb.

22-25 May 2019: Conference Philosophy  in the Abrahamic Traditions: Intellect, Experience and More at the University of Pisa. My talk: “Marginal Epistemologies of Matter: Premodern Strategies for Knowing the Prime Substrate”


5-7 June 2019: Conference: The Multi-ethnic Borderlands of Medieval Toledo: New Directions in Toledo. My talk: “Movements, Clusters, and Teams: Modern Perspectives on Premodern Translations”

14 June 2019: Fifth Medieval Philosophical Gathering hosting Meagan Allen.

21 June 2019: Sixth Medieval Philosophical Gathering hosting Mattia Cipriani.

27-28 June 2019: Conference: Premodern Experience of the Natural World in Translation at the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science. My talk: “Experiencing Matter: Translations and Transitions in Grosseteste’s Early Works”.

July and August

1-4 July 2019: International Medieval Congress 2019 in Leeds. My talk: “Robert Grosseteste: Patterns of Causality, Matter, Light, and the Divine”.

5 July 2019: Seventh Medieval Philosophical Gathering hosting Abel Aravena Zamora.

12 July 2019: Symposium Matters Entangled at HU Berlin.

23-27 July 2019: 2019 Meeting of the History of Science Society in Utrecht. My talk: “Matter as Epistemic Object: Intellection, Manipulation, and Particularisation in the 13th Century”

28 July – 3 August 2019: Summer school Structuring Nature in Berlin


20 September 2019: My lecture at Radboud University in Nijmegen: “A Matter to Be Grasped: Epistemic Strategies and Ontological Problems about Prime Matter”.

23-25 September 2019: Conference The Summa Halensis: Philosophy and Reception in Oxford. My talk: “Shadows of Gundissalinus in the Summa Halensis“.


15 October 2019: My research visiting stay at MPIWG begins.

18 October 2019: First meeting of the matter reading group “Scattered Matter: Atoms and Reality According to Nicholas of Autrecourt”

18 October 2019: First Medieval Philosophical Gathering hosting Elena Baltuta.

25 October 2019: Second Medieval Philosophical Gathering hosting Stephen Ogden.


1 November 2019: Third Medieval Philosophical Gathering hosting Dominic Dold

8 November 2019: Fourth Medieval Philosophical Gathering hosting Joshua Mendelsohn.

29 November 2019: Fifth Medieval Philosophical Gathering hosting Han Thomas Adriaenssen.


3 December 2019: Conference Alchemy between Practices and Theories in Berlin.

6 December 2019: Sixth Medieval Philosophical Gathering hosting Tommaso Alpina

12 December 2019: Seventh Medieval Philosophical Gathering hosting Sebastian Bender

13 December 2019: The course Ancient and Medieval Visions of Light and Colour starts at TU Berlin (Blockseminar).

19 December 2019: Eighth Medieval Philosophical Gathering hosting Gerd Micheluzzi.



16 January 2018: Conference Explicatio y ratio naturae. Comprensiones medievales sobre el origen del universo at the University of Navarra in Pamplona. My talk: “Domingo Gundisalvo y Daniel de Morley acerca del establecimiento y conservación de la causalidad del universo”.


26-28 February 2018: Conference Scire naturam: filosofia e ciências, da antiguidade ao início da modernidade in Porto. My talk: “Chaos in Toledo: Gundissalinus, Daniel of Morley, and the Chartrean Tradition”.


5 March 2018: OxNet Seminar in Sunderland “Science and Translations in the Middle Ages”.

14 March 2018: Conference: Crossing Lands. Spreading knowledge in the Near East and the Mediterranean from Late Antiquity to Middle Ages in Cordoba. My talk: “Arabic Philosophy in Latin Europe Before Michael Scot”.


3 April 2018: Conference East-Western Transmission of Knowledge in Cordoba. My talk: “Nicholas of Cusa and Gundissalinus: A Prelude on Matter”.

3-6 April 2018: Conference Science Imagination and Wonder – Robert Grosseteste and His Legacy at the University of Oxford. My talk: “Sources of Light: Remarks on the Grosseteste/Avicebron Connection”.


2-5 May 2018: Ordered Universe Symposium at McGill University in Montreal.

9 May 2018: A very long trip by car from Montreal to Kalamazoo…

10-13 May 2018: 53rd International Congress on Medieval Studies in Kalamazoo. My talk: “Expanding Matter: Cosmologies of Light in Artephius and Grosseteste”.


8 June 2018: Launch of the volume Vedere nell’ombra in Florence.

30 June 2018: My Junior Research Fellowship at Durham University ends. A new adventure begins in Berlin!


23-25 August 2018: Aquinas and the Arabs Annual Fall Meeting in Mexico City. My talk: “Avicennian Cosmologies? Remarks on Grosseteste and the Arabs”.


18-20 September 2018: Ordered Universe Symposium at Trinity College Dublin.

27-29 September 2018: Conference Arabic and Latin Science of Vision and the Theory of Perspective in Early Renaissance Florence in Florence.


26 October 2018: First meeting of the reading group “(Re)Shaping the Tradition: Narratives of Matter in Calcidius and Ibn Gabirol”.


1-4 November 2018: 2018 Meeting of the History of Science Society in Seattle. My talk: “From Matter to Materiality: Premodern Quests for Knowing the Principle of Corporeality”. 

9 November 2018: Conference Matter, Mind, and More at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. My talk: “Knowing the Shadow. Prime Matter and its Knowability in the 13th Century”.

14-16 November 2018: Alexander von Humboldt Stiftung Meeting in Bonn.



12-13 January 2017: Conferece Filosofia Medieval: em curso e em toda a extensão in Porto. My talk: “Contrasting Perspectives: The Latins, the Arabs, and the Rise of a New Approach to Philosophy”.

20 January 2017: First meeting of the AAIWG Research Seminar: “The Toledan Translation Movement”.

26 January 2017: My lecture at the University of Cordoba: “La ciencia de ‘los otros’. Peculiares asimilaciones de teorías árabes por la tradición filosófica latina (1150-1210)”.


3 February 2017: Second meeting of the AAIWG Research Seminar: “Dominicus Gundissalinus: Metaphysics and Cosmology”.

21-22 February 2017: Ordered Universe Symposium in Durham.


3 March 2017: Third meeting of the AAIWG Research Seminar: “Gundissalinus’s Psychological Reflection”.

30 March – 1 April 2017: Conference Aspectus and Affectus: Robert Grosseteste, Understanding and Feeling at Georgetown University. My talk: “Effectusaffectus, and defectus: Causality and Causation of the Substrate”.


7 April 2017: Fourth meeting of the AAIWG Research Seminar: “Attempting an Epistemological Revolution”.

21 April 2017: Fifth meeting of the AAIWG Research Seminar: “Theoretical Enthusiasm and Doctrinal Condemnation”.


16-19 May 2017: Ordered Universe Symposium in Oxford.

24-27 May 2017: Conference Rappresentazioni della natura nel Medioevo in Padua. My talk: “I numeri della natura: testimonianze numerologiche della completezza del creato in Gundisalvi e Grossatesta”.


1-2 June 2017: Conference Creation and Artifice at the Warburg Institute. My talk: “‘Indeed, the soul has not been made by the first Maker’: Creation, Imitation, and Matter”.

5-6 June 2017: Conference Translating Experience: Medieval Encounters with Nature, Self, and God in Durham (organised by Katja Krause and me).


27 September 2017: Roger Bacon Workshop in Florence.


25 October 2017: Lecture by Lucas Oro Hershtein in Durham.


6-7 November 2017: Conference Pre-Modern Sciences and Religions at Harvard University. My talk: “Matter of Change: Philosophical Claims and Religious Concerns on the Substrate”.

9-12 November 2017: 2017 Meeting of the History of Science Society in Toronto, with a panel I have organised. My talk: “Sciences of Matter? Knowledge of the Material Substrate in the two Bacons”.

16-19 November 2017: ACPA Conference Philosophy, Faith and Modernity in Dallas. My talk: “Accordance and Strife: Encounters with Modernity at the Beginning of the Thirteenth Century”.

21 November 2017: Research Meeting at Texas State University in San Marcos.

30 November 2017: Conference Oriente próximo y la cuenca del Mediterráneo. Fe, creencia y transmisión textual entre lo canónico y lo apócrifo in Cordoba. My talk: “Traducción y circulación del conocimiento árabe a finales del siglo XII: unas notas de introducción”.



1 January 2017: My postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Pavia begins.


9 March 2016: Conference Espacios de la filosofía medieval: Córdoba, Toledo y Paris at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. My talk: “Entre Toledo, Segovia y Chartres: convergencias doctrinales en la discusión metafísica de Domingo Gundisalvo”.


5-7 April 2016: Ordered Universe Workshop in Rome.


30-31 May 2016: Conference Da Stagira a Parigi: prospettive aristoteliche tra Antichità e Medioevo in Pavia. My talk: “Aristotele a Toledo”.


30 June 2016: My postdoctoral fellowship in Pavia ends.


1 July 2016: A new adventure begins in Durham, where my JRF starts.

August and September

31 August – 3 September 2016: Ordered Universe Symposium in Durham.


31 October 2016: My lecture at the University of Notre Dame: “Translation and Appropriation: Necromancy, Astrology, Alchemy”.


2 November 2016: My lecture at Marquette University: “Gundissalinus, Avicenna, and the Road to Paris”.

11 November 2016: Conference Translation and Philosophy:  Gundissalinus and Ibn Daud in 12th Century Spain at the University of South Carolina. My talk: “Dominicus Gundissalinus and the Renovation of Medieval Philosophy”.

14-16 November 2016: VII Congreso Internacional Iberoamericano de la Sociedad de Filosofía Medieval: De relatione at the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona. My talk: “Gundisalvo, Guillermo de Auvernia, y el problema de atribución del De immortalitate animae“.