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Upcoming Talks

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6-7 November 2017 – Talk: Matter of Change: Philosophical Claims and Religious Concerns on the Substrate (Honorius of Autun to David of Dinant). Workshop “Pre-Modern Sciences and Religions,” Harvard University, Cambridge (MA).

9-12 November 2017 – Talk: Sciences of Matter? Knowledge of the Material Substrate in the two Bacons, 2017 Meeting of the History of Science Society, Toronto (ON).

November 2017 – Talk: Accordance and Strife: Encounters with Modernity at the Beginning of the Thirteenth Century, 2017 Conference of the American Catholic Philosophical Association Philosophy, Faith and Modernity, Dallas (TX), 16-19 November 2017.


January 2018 – Talk: Domingo Gundisalvo y Daniel de Morley acerca del establecimiento y conservación de la causalidad del universo, International Conference Explicatio y ratio naturae. Comprensiones medievales sobre el origen del universo, Pamplona (Spain), 16 January 2018.

March 2018 – Talk: A Matter of Possibility: Nicolaus Cusanus, Gundissalinus, and Thierry of Chartres on the Material Substrate, 2018 Annual Meeting of the Renaissance Society of America, New Orleans (LA), 22-24 March 2018.

May 2018 – Talk: Roger Bacon on Matter, Between Aristotle and Experience, 53rd International Congress on Medieval Studies, Session: Structures of Order in Medieval Science I: Experience and Authorities, Kalamazoo (MI), 10-13 May 2018.



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