Research Collaborations

The Ordered Universe
The Ordered Universe is a cutting-edge research project based in Durham, UK, and directed by Giles Gasper. Its aims are as simple as tough: joining together, on the one hand, historians, philosophers, and theologians, and, on the other hand, theoretical physicists, cosmologists, and engineers to study Robert Grosseteste’s scientific opuscula. Since years, the Ordered Universe Project has opened a new landscape for the methodology and approach to the history of medieval science, proving that a collaboration between scientists and humanists is not only possible, but also desirable.

Aquinas and the Arabs
The Aquinas and the Arabs International Working Group (AAIWG) has become the worldwide reference for the study of the influence Arabic philosophy had on Thomas Aquinas’s thought and, in general, on the thirteenth-century philosophical debate. Meeting regularly twice per year in different location around the world, the group is brilliantly directed by Richard Taylor and gathers the best scholars in the field. AAIWG also organises multimedia research seminars, one of which has been dedicated to Dominicus Gundissalinus.

Hermenéutica patrística y medieval
Based in Pamplona and directed by Maria Jesús Soto Bruna, the research group Hermenéutica patrística y medieval analyses some fundamental metaphysical  and theological themes, such as the causality of the One, the concept of Logos, and the ontological difference between God and creatures, discussed through the long Middle Ages. The group counts many brilliant scholar from Europe and Latin America, and its outcomes will soon be published on a dedicated volume.

Rogerius Bacon
Directed by Cecilia Panti, the research group Rogerius Bacon: The Philosopher’s Workshop is focused on the shared reading and discussion of Bacon’s works. Based at the SISMEL in Florence, the group organises seminars since 2009: the first one was centred on Roger Bacon’s Communia naturalium, while the current seminar is focused on his Moralis philosophia. The group also started a multimedia dissemination project aimed at sharing accurate knowledge on this pivotal medieval figure beyond the scholarly circle.