~ Research Reading Group ~

Nature and Emergence

Samuel Alexander’s Space, Time, and Deity

Convenors: Nicola Polloni and Dominic Dold

The research reading group begins on 1 April 2020 and will meet biweekly on Zoom. We will read the four books of Samuel Alexander’s Space, Time, and Deity. Participants are supposed to read the texts (usually two chapters per meeting) before the biweekly session in which the texts will be discussed.

Participation in the research reading group is upon invitation only. However, anyone willing to participate can send me an email and I will be happy to include them in the reading group.

Participants will be provided with a digital copy of Alexander’s Space, Time, and Deity.


1 April 2020: General introductory discussion

15 April 2020: General discussion of the Introduction, Physical Space Time, and Perspectives and Sections of Space-Time (I, 1-2).

29 April 2020: Discussion of Mental Space and Time and Mental Space-Time (I, 3-4), led by Yael Kedar.

13 May 2020: Discussion of Mathematical Space and Time and Relations in Space and Time (I, 5-6), led by Dominic Dold.

27 May 2020: Discussion of Nature of the Categories and Identity, Diversity, and Existence (II, 1-2), led by Nicola Polloni.

10 June 2020: General discussion of The One and the Many (II, 10).

24 June 2020: General discussion of book II, as follows:

  • Yael Kedar: Universal, Particular, and Individual (II, 3).
  • Dominic Dold: Relation and Whole and Parts and Number (II, 4 and 8).
  • Nicola Polloni: Order and Quantity and Intensity (II, 5 and 7).
  • Núria Muñoz Garganté: Substance, Causality, Reciprocity (II, 6).
  • Alexander Blum: Motion and the Categories in General (II, 9).

15 July 2020: General discussion of books I and II. The reading group will reconvene again after the Summer break.

28 October 2020: General discussion of books I and II.

25 November 2020: Discussion of two articles on Alexander’s ontology (Fisher’s article on the categorie and Thomas’ article on Alexander’s monism) and of the Broad-Alexander debate.