The ‘Berlin Medieval Gatherings’ Series

Anne Conway on Essences, Species and Radical Mutability (Sebastian Bender)

How Physical Is Avicenna’s Investigation of the Soul? (Tommaso Alpina)

Aristotle on Why We Only Understand Necessities (Joshua Mendelsohn)

Reconsidering Avicenna and Averroes on Abstraction (Stephen Ogden)

Was Pain Intentional in the 13th Century? Robert Kilwardby’s Answer (Elena Baltuta)

The De anima Tradition in Early Franciscan Thought (Lydia Schumacher)

Species and Matter in Roger Bacon’s De multiplicatione specierum (Yael Kedar)

Matter and Body as Correlative Principles in Thomas Aquinas (David Cory)

Seeing Dark Things: Epistemology of Privation (Thomas Harb)

From Theory to Practice: the Case of Thomas of Cantimpré (Mattia Cipriani)

Teaching Philosophy in Colonial Chile (Abel Aravena Zamora)