The ‘Matter and Qi’ Series

Materia, 气/Qì, and Their Epistemes: Event Teaser

Materia, 气/Qì, and Their Epistemes (Nicola Polloni & Shixiang Jin)

Problems of (Im)materiality (Giulia De Cesaris)

The Twofoldness of Nature in Wang Fuzhi’s Thought (Linwei Wang | 王林伟)

Aristotle’s Hylomorphism Revisited (Kasra Abdavi Azar)

Roger Bacon on Matter, Elements, and Mixtures: Comparative Perspectives (Nicola Polloni | 濮若一)

Aristotle and Medieval Alchemy in the 13th and Early 14th Century (Thanasis Rinotas)

On the Humanistic Value Dimension of Chinese Traditional Physics (Guozhu Sun | 孙国柱)

Understanding the Seasonal Movements of Qi (Mengmeng Sun | 孙萌萌)

Bodies without Matter? Peter Auriol and John of Jandun on Planets and Stars (Zita Toth)

Qi and Hou at Fingertips: the Pursuit of Harmony in Xishan Qinkuang (Donglin Zhang | 张东林)

Alchemical Matter: Ingredients, Elements and Their Substrate (Vincenzo Carlotta)

Spirit (shen, 神), Human-qi(renqi, 人气), Human-spirit(renshen, 人神) (Shenmi Song | 宋神秘)

The Classification and Knowledge of Qi in Shen Kuo’s Mengxi Bitan (Shixiang Jin | 晋世翔)

The Potential Infinite Divisibility of Matter as Logical Incompossibility (Roberto Zambiasi)

The Use of Qi in Lu Dian’s Piya: Preliminary Observations (Che Jiang | 蒋澈)

The Plurality of Forms Debate in Brief: John of Jandun (Russell Friedman)

Spirit and Qi in The Book of Universality: A Supplement to The Book of Changes (Qinyong Fan | 樊沁永)

John Buridan on the Status and Properties of Matter (Sylvain Roudaut)