Knowledge as societal value

We live in a compartmentalised world: like tiny books in a huge library, each of us has her own expertise and when someone needs it, they can just consult what we know. This way of conceiving knowledge gets rid of its intrinsic holistic structure and neglects its fundamental societal value. It is true that the wider audience is seldom interested in the subtleties of philosophy and its history and even rarer are those who deem this kind of knowledge to be useful for our societies. I tend to disagree. A community that is unaware of its history and the meta-reflections that led us where we are will necessarily slow down its progress, randomly repeating what had been already proposed and checked, fumbling in the dark of self-negligence.

Over the years, I have committed myself to always finding new ways to engage with society and popularise interesting aspects of my research. The results have been a series of collaborations, events, videos, articles, and diverse (ad)ventures that you can check out by clicking on the thumbnails below.

YouTube Series

Since some videos from the YouTube channel are thematically linked, I have made some dedicated pages on which you can dive into the topic you like the most through many hours of discussions, chats, and medieval philosophy.