Nicola Polloni,
‘Nicholas of Cusa and Gundissalinus: A Prelude on Matter’

Nicola Polloni,
‘Traducción y circulación del conocimiento árabe a finales del siglo XII:
unas notas introductorias’

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‘The Light of Nature? No “Experience” in the Middle Ages!’

THERESE CORY (Notre Dame University)
‘Aquinas on Experience and Its Scope’

DAVID CORY (Notre Dame University)
‘The “obscure and hidden” work of the vegetal soul in Thomas Aquinas’

CELIA LOPEZ (Universidade do Porto)
‘Experience and Self-Knowledge in Petrus Hispanus’s Theory of the Soul’

JON MCGINNIS (University of Missouri – St Louis)
‘A Matter of Priorities: Avicenna’s Solution to Meno’s Paradox and Its implications for the Sciences’

NICHOLAS OSCHMAN (Marquette University)
‘Translating Truth into Images in al-Fārābī’s Polis’

FEDERICO DAL BO (Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona)
‘The “Sacrifice of Isaac” as God’s Self-Testing in the XIII Century Spanish Kabbalah’ 

STEVEN HARVEY (Bar-Ilan University)
‘The Place of Observation and Experience in the Quest for True Knowledge among Jewish Aristotelians in the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Centuries’

JOSÉ HIGUERA RUBIO (Universidade do Porto)
‘Ars experimentalis: Experience in Demonstrative and Productive Disciplines’

MÁRIO CORREIA (Universidade do Porto)
‘Experience and Natural Philosophy in Italian Renaissance Scholasticism: Gomes of Lisbon’s Scotistic Response to Nicoletto Vernia’

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Nicola Polloni,
‘The Toledan Translation Movement’

Nicola Polloni,
‘Dominicus Gundissalinus: Metaphysics and Cosmology’

Nicola Polloni,
‘Gundissalinus’s Psychological Reflection’

Nicola Polloni,
‘Attempting an Epistemological Revolution’

Nicola Polloni,
‘Theoretical Enthusiasm and Doctrinal Condemnation: 1181-1215’

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Nicola Polloni,
‘Gundissalinus, Avicenna, and the Road to Paris’

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