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Medieval Gatherings – Winter Semester 2019

Was Pain Intentional in the 13th Century?
Robert Kilwardby’s Answer.

by Elena Baltuta (IR)

Reconsidering Avicenna and Averroes on Abstraction

by Stephen Ogden (Catholic University of America)

Aristotle on why we only understand necessities

by Joshua Mendelsohn (Loyola University Chicago)

How Physical is Avicenna’s
Investigation of the Soul?

by Tommaso Alpina (LMU Munich)

Anne Conway on Essences, Species and Radical Mutability

by Sebastian Bender (HU Berlin)

Structures of Materiality

The De anima tradition in Early Franciscan Thought: A Case Study in Avicenna’s Reception

by Lydia Schumacher (King’s College London)

Species and matter in Roger Bacon’s De multiplicatione specierum

by Yael Kedar (Tel Hai College)

Matter and Body as Correlative Principles in Thomas Aquinas

by David Cory (Notre Dame)

Seeing Dark Things: How the epistemology of matter differs from the epistemology of privation

by Thomas Valentin Harb (HU Berlin)

From Theory to Practice in Medieval Science: Thomas of Cantimpré’s Liber de Natura Rerum

by Mattia Cipriani (FU Berlin)

Teaching Philosophy in Colonial Chile: Jesuit Manuscripts of Colegio Máximo San Miguel

by Abel Aravena Zamora (Playa Ancha)

Translating Experience

The Light of Nature? No “Experience” in the Middle Ages!

by Katja Krause and Nicola Polloni

Aquinas on Experience and Its Scope

by Therese Cory

The “obscure and hidden” work of the vegetal soul in Thomas Aquinas

by David Cory

Experience and Self-Knowledge in Petrus Hispanus’s Theory of the Soul

by Celia López Alcalde

A Matter of Priorities: Avicenna’s Solution to Meno’s Paradox and Its implications for the Sciences

by Jon McGinnis

Translating Truth into Images in al-Fārābī’s Polis

by Nicholas Oschman

The “Sacrifice of Isaac” as God’s Self-Testing in the XIII Century Spanish Kabbalah

by Federico Dal Bo

The Place of Observation and Experience in the Quest for True Knowledge among Jewish Aristotelians in the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Centuries

by Steven Harvey

Ars experimentalis: Experience in Demonstrative and Productive Disciplines

by José Higuera Rubio

Experience and Natural Philosophy in Italian Renaissance Scholasticism: Gomes of Lisbon’s Scotistic Response to Nicoletto Vernia

by Mário Correia

Gundissalinus and Toledo

Nicholas of Cusa and Gundissalinus: A Prelude on Matter

by Nicola Polloni

Traducción y circulación del conocimiento árabe a finales del siglo XII

by Nicola Polloni

The Toledan Translation Movement

by Nicola Polloni

Dominicus Gundissalinus: Metaphysics and Cosmology

by Nicola Polloni

Gundissalinus’s Psychological Reflection

by Nicola Polloni

Attempting an Epistemological Revolution

by Nicola Polloni

Theoretical Enthusiasm and Doctrinal Condemnation

by Nicola Polloni

Gundissalinus, Avicenna, and the Road to Paris

by Nicola Polloni

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