Looking into the Unknowable:
Premodern Conundrums of Prime Matter

Durham (UK), 5 March 2019

Le questioni sulla Fisica di Ruggero Bacone:
il problema della materia

Rome (IT), 3 April 2019

Marginal Epistemologies of Matter: Premodern Strategies for Knowing the Prime Substrate

Pisa (IT), 25 May 2019

Experiencing Matter: Translations and Transitions in Grosseteste’s Early Works

Berlin (DE), 27-28 June 2019

Robert Grosseteste: Patterns of Causality, Matter, Light and the Divine

Leeds (UK), 2 July 2019

Ephemeral Offspring of a Perpetual Mother: Hermann of Carinthia on Nature and the Heavens

Utrecht, 23-27 July 2019


Sources of Light:
Remarks on the Grosseteste/Avicebron Connection

Oxford (UK), 3-6 April 2018

Nicholas of Cusa and Gundissalinus: A Prelude on Matter

Cordoba (ES), 3 April 2018.

Expanding Matter: Cosmologies of Light in Artephius and Grosseteste

Kalamazoo (MI), 10-13 May 2018.

From Matter to Materiality:
Premodern Quests for Knowing the Principle of Corporeality

Seattle (WA), 1-4 November 2018

Knowing the Shadow. Prime Matter and its Knowability in the 13th Century

Berlin (DE) , 9 November 2018


Effectusaffectus, and defectus:
Causality and Causation of the Substrate

Georgetown (DC), 30 March-1 April 2017.

‘Indeed, the soul has not been made by the first Maker’:
Creation, Imitation, and Matter

London (UK), 1-2 June 2017.

Matter of Change: Philosophical Claims and Religious Concerns on the Substrate

Cambridge (MA), 6-7 November 2017.

Sciences of Matter? 
Knowledge of the Material Substrate in the two Bacons

Toronto (ON), 9-12 November 2017.