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The Philosophy and Science of Roger Bacon

It took some time. But finally, Yael and I have sent the volume manuscript to Routledge! This is a special volume aimed at celebrating a very special person, Jeremiah Hackett, and his crucial contributions to the understanding of medieval philosophy. Not incidentally, the volume focuses mostly on Roger Bacon, the philosophical and scientific theories he elaborated, and the philosophical debates in which he took part.

Although we shall wait a few months to fully appreciate the volume in its materiality (typesetting and proof-reading will take some time), at least I can share the TOC. I am so proud and grateful to all our contributors – this is a splendid volume with many new perspectives on Bacon’s thought!

The Philosophy and Science of Roger Bacon.
Studies in Honour of Jeremiah Hackett

Edited by Nicola Polloni and Yael Kedar.
London: Routledge, 2021.

Table of Contents


Michela Pereira, Roger Bacon on Nature

Cecilia Panti, Roger Bacon on Chance in Natural Generation in the Questiones super octo libros Physicorum Aristotelis

Cecilia Trifogli, Roger Bacon on Substantial Change

Nicola Polloni, Roger Bacon on the Conceivability of Matter

Theo Kobusch, Ens rationis. Über die vielfache Bedeutung des Gedankendingbegriffs

Günther Mensching, Roger Bacons Idee der Einheit der Wissenschaft und des universalen Friedens

Nikolaus Egel, Roger Bacon’s New Founding of the Sciences in the Thirteenth Century

Yael Kedar, Sound is not Made of Rays: Roger Bacon’s Rejection of Heavenly Music

Meagan S. Allen, Roger Bacon’s Medical Alchemy and the Multiplication of Species

Michael W. Dunne, From Longitudo vitae to Prolungatio vitae: Peter of Ireland and Roger Bacon on Life and Death

Dominique Demange, Bacon/Olivi : un état des lieux

Caleb Colley, The Soul in Roger Bacon and John Pecham

Jack P. Cunningham, Plato’s Unholy Trinity: The life, death and afterlife of the anima mundi in the Middle Ages