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A Matter of Philosophers and Spheres

My article of Artephius has just been published by Ambix:

Nicola Polloni, “A Matter of Philosophers and Spheres. Medieval Glosses on Artephius’s Key of Wisdom.Ambix, 67/2 (2020): 135-153.

The article examines the two Latin versions of Artephius’s Clavis sapientiae (Key of Wisdom) that have been preserved in early modern collections of alchemical texts. A comparative analysis of the two versions shows that one of them has undergone a process of textual manipulation. In particular, an interpolation of short philosophical passages concerning the doctrine of prime matter has relevant interpretative implications. These additions appear to be grounded in the early thirteenth-century philosophical debate on cosmology and the first Latinate reception of Aristotle’s metaphysics.

You can read the article here.

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