Medieval Philosophical Gatherings II (Videos)

The recordings of the second cycle of the medieval philosophical gatherings are finally available. Talks by Elena Baltuta (IR), Stephen Ogden (Catholic University of America), Joshua Mendelsohn (Loyola University Chicago), Tommaso Alpina (LMU Munich), and Sebastian Bender (HU Berlin).

Was Pain Intentional in the 13th Century? Robert Kilwardby’s Answer.

by Elena Baltuta (IR)

Reconsidering Avicenna and Averroes on Abstraction

by Stephen Ogden (Catholic University of America)

Aristotle on why we only understand necessities

by Joshua Mendelsohn (Loyola University Chicago)

How Physical is Avicenna’s Investigation of the Soul?

by Tommaso Alpina (LMU Munich)

Anne Conway on Essences, Species and Radical Mutability

by Sebastian Bender (HU Berlin)

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