Medieval Gatherings I (videos)

The recordings of this semester’s medieval philosophical gatherings are finally available. Talks by Lydia Schumacher (King’s College London), Yael Kedar (Tel Hai College), David Cory (Notre Dame), Thomas Valentin Harb (HU Berlin), Mattia Cipriani (FU Berlin), and Abel Aravena Zamora (Playa Ancha). Enjoy!

The De anima tradition in Early Franciscan Thought: A Case Study in Avicenna’s Reception

by Lydia Schumacher (King’s College London)

Species and matter in Roger Bacon’s De multiplicatione specierum

by Yael Kedar (Tel Hai College)

Matter and Body as Correlative Principles in Thomas Aquinas

by David Cory (Notre Dame)

Seeing Dark Things: How the epistemology of matter differs from the epistemology of privation

by Thomas Valentin Harb (HU Berlin)

From Theory to Practice in Medieval Science: Thomas of Cantimpré’s Liber de Natura Rerum

by Mattia Cipriani (FU Berlin)

Teaching Philosophy in Colonial Chile: Jesuit Manuscripts of Colegio Máximo San Miguel

by Abel Aravena Zamora (Playa Ancha)

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