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Aristotle in Toledo

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A new volume of the series Arabica Veritas has been published, and again is a very good one (Arabica Veritas is such a great series!): ‘Ex Oriente Lux’. Translating Words, Scripts and Styles in the Medieval Mediterranean World, edited by Charles Burnett and Pedro Mantas. The volume collects many interesting contributions by scholars like A. Fidora, U. Cecini, D.N. Hasse, the two prestigious editors… and also an (hopefully) interesting contribution I’ve prepared on the use Gundissalinus makes of the explicit reference to Aristotle in his writings. The title is Aristotle in Toledo: Gundissalinus, the Arabs, and Gerard of Cremona’s Translations, and you can download a copy of the paper HERE. As always, if you have any comments or questions, I’d be more than glad to answer to your emails.

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