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NEW ARTICLE: Gundissalinus’s Biography

downloadFinally, a new article that I was waiting so much to be ready and published! It’s quite a short but very useful contribution to the understanding of the biography of Dominicus Gundissalinus. I tried to summarise and check all the sources and hypotheses regarding Gundissalinus’s life and activity in order to provide a complete, updated, and consistent biographical frame. You can download the article HERE and read it, if you want. The reference is: N. Polloni, “Elementi per una biografia di Dominicus Gundisalvi”, Archives d’Histoire Doctrinale et Littèraire du Moyen Âge 82, 7-22.

Abstract – Cette étude présente les principaux témoignages en notre possession, ainsi que les hypothèses émises par les historiens, sur la biographie de Dominique Gundisalvi, traducteur et philosophe actif à Tolède dans la seconde moitié du XII e siècle. La vie de Gundisalvi est reconstruite à partir des sources documentaires et des données glanées dans les ouvrages émanant de l’entourage de Gundisalvi. L’article pointe des détails importants concernant le séjour de Gundisalvi à Ségovie, tout en essayant d’expliquer les raisons de son installation à Tolède en 1162. – This study summarizes the main hypothesis and evidences in our possess regarding the biography of the translator and philosopher Dominicus Gundissalinus, who worked in Toledo during the second half of the 12th century. The main phases of Gundissalinus’life are presented through the exam of documental sources and data drawn from works ascribed to the « Gundissalinus’Circle ». The article clarifies some important aspects of Gundissalinus’stay in Segovia, and tries to answer some questions regarding his transfer to Toledo in 1162. – Questo studio presenta le principali ipotesi e testimonianze in nostro possesso relative alla biografia del traduttore e filosofo Dominicus Gundisalvi, attivo a Toledo nella seconda metà del XII secolo. Le principali fasi della vita di Gundisalvi sono illustrate attraverso l’esame delle fonti documentali e di dati ricavati dalle opere ascritte al « circolo gundissaliniano ». L’articolo precisa inoltre alcune questioni relative alla permanenza di Gundisalvi a Segovia, e cerca di rispondere ad alcuni interrogativi circa il suo trasferimento a Toledo nel 1162.

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