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Thierry of Chartres and Gundissalinus on Spiritual Substance

r53l2l14.jpgYou can download HERE my article on Thierry and Gundissalinus regarding the ontological (and theological) problem of hylomorphic composition: N. Polloni, “Thierry of Chartres and Gundissalinus on Spiritual Substance: The Problem of Hylomorphic Composition”, Bulletin de Philosophie Médiévale 57 (2015), 35-57.

Abstract: In this contribution I examine the problem of spiritual composition in Thierry of Chartres and Gundissalinus. While the former is quite reticent in admitting a spiritual hylomorphism, the latter develops Thierry’s outcomes through the results of al-Ghazali’s and Ibn Daud’s treatment of spiritual substances. The resulting ontology affirms that also spiritual creatures are composed of matter and form: an unacceptable perspective for the three sources used by Gundissalinus.

Keywords: Dominicus Gundissalinus, Thierry of Chartres, Toledo, Abraham Ibn Daud, Al-Ghazali, Hylomorphism, Solomon Ibn Gabirol.

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