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Solomon Ibn Gabirol: NEW DEADLINE!

Call for Papers

«Solomon Ibn Gabirol: Sources, Doctrines, and Influence on Medieval Philosophy»

Final Deadline: 31 October 2016

Original papers are sought to the volume Solomon Ibn Gabirol: Sources, Doctrines, and Influence on Medieval Philosophy to be published by the end of 2017. Papers must be approximately between 5,000 and 30,000 words in length. This volume aims at understanding Solomon Ibn Gabirol’s philosophical thought from a comprehensive perspective, dealing with the sources used by the author, his original reflection, and the impact his philosophy had on the history of medieval philosophy.

The volume will be articulated into three thematic sections:

A. Ibn Gabirol’s Sources and «Meta-sources», including the overall philosophical framework of the authors and works used by Ibn Gabirol.

B. Ibn Gabirol’s Philosophical Reflection. Although this volume focuses on Ibn Gabirol as a philosopher, studies about his poetry are also welcome. Moreover, historical studies about his context, if clearly linked to the author, will be welcomed too.

C. History of the Effects of Gabirolian Philosophy, regarding its influences in both Jewish and Christian philosophical debates.

Please, submit to the editors by 31 October 2016:

· an abstract (100-300 words) of your paper;

· a short CV with your current institutional affiliation.

The language of the volume is English, although it is possible to include fragments in Hebrew, Arabic, Latin, Greek and/or Persian. When submitting the abstract, please specify the section you are willing to contribute with your paper. Contributors will be informed of the editors’ decision by the end of November 2016. Final papers will be due on April 2017. In late Winter, the volume’s manuscript will be submitted to Brepols Publisher and will undergo a blind peer-review process.


For any further information, please contact to the editors of the volume: Nicola Polloni, Durham University (; Marienza Benedetto, University of Bari (; Lucas Oro Hershtein, University of Buenos Aires ( Only email submissions are accepted.

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